Transportation of modular and small parties of cargoes.


You need the carriage of small part of cargo?

We are glad to offer you actual service – transportation of the cargo as a part of consolidated container in import and export directions (LCL).

Advantages of LCL

-delivery of cargo from the door of Customer's warehouse to the door of the Consignee's warehouse, including transportation of small part of goods with different kinds of transport in the consolidated container (truck, rail and sea);

-no matter if you import or export cargo, LCL service will reduce your expenses for transportation, because the price will be splited between all the Shippers and Consignees, based on the volume of cargo;

-guarantee of cargo safety;

-consolidation warehouses in the Europe, Asia, UAE, USA;

-clarity and informational support in the transport process. We always track all the process;

-forwarder's liability insurance;

How it works?

Scheme of LCL transportation.

We pick up your cargo from your company's warehouse or any another place of storage and truck it to our consolidation warehouse for stuffing to container and further transportation to the final place of delivery.

As for our Customers we will offer you

-transportation of small – scale part of cargo from Shipper, as an export or transit from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Pridnestrovie to the stuffing area of Odessa, Illichevsk, Yuzhny ports;

-re-stuffing of the cargo from vehicle to the port terminal's warehouse territory;

-choosing of right container type;

-selection of goods, similar with type and quality to fill the volume of container;

-stuffing all the parts in the consolidation container;

-custom clearance of all the LCL, loading on the vessel's board and sea transportation;

-discharging of container in the port of destination to the warehouses or any comfortable place for trucking from port territory;

-handle your small part of good to the Consignee's warehouse;

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