The international cargo air service

International air transportaion

Air delivery and airfreight cargo

At the present development stage of economical relations in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and other CIS countries, international air transportation is relatively new and sometimes comparatively expensive kind of cargo transportation. But sometimes in partnership there are moments, when it's necessary to deliver the cargo quickly and  urgently between the long distance, separated by oceans. In this case the only option of cargo delivery is air transportation.

During the all time of it's activity on the transport market (sea, land and air), “Marine-Trans Ltd”, gotten the big experience in the sphere of different kinds of cargo transportation, offers it's services for professional air transportation of import and transit cargoes from any point of world to Ukraine, and also export to any country.

We can offer the delivery of export and transit cargoes of our Customers from all over the world:

  • from door to door of Shipper's and Consignee's warehouses (“door – to – door”);

  • from Shipper's airport to Consignee's airport (“airport – airport”);

  • from Shipper's warehouse to Consignee's airport (“door – airport”);

  • another possible delivery options.

Independently of kind of delivery shown above you will choose, our company will note all the possible factors, that could influence on the delivery speed and will make it's best to make your cargo be received with maximum speed and strictly in time. Having a wide partnership net in many countries,we could quote the most benefit schedule for you and optimal tariff, that will reduce the full amount of air transportation.

Our  company will deal with air shipment of the following cargo types:

  • perishable;

  • urgent;

  • valuable;

  • general;

  • big-sized.

Besides different cargo types we could also offer you the following additional services, directly associated with air shipment:

  • packaging;
  • insurance;
  • documents formalization;
  • custom clearance;
  • organization of multimodal and consolidated cargo transportation;
  • cargo tracking.

Specialists of our company could in the least time quote the airfreight of any part and type of your cargo by your request, left on our website.

International air transportation with “Marine-Trans Ltd” - is quality and rapidity of any cargo category delivery in any point of Earth.

Marine-Trans Ltd.

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Phone: +38 067 517 72 03

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