Multimodal transportations of container cargoes.


Multimodal transportation of containers

Multimodal transportations of container cargoes

“Marine-Trans Ltd”provides complex service for multimodal cargo transportation from your warehouse's door to your business partner's warehouse's door, located in another country and separated by seas and oceans.

Multimodal transportation service is the following: cargo loads in the relative container equipment at the shipper's warehouse for further transportation of loaded container by truck or by rail to the container terminal of Odessa and Chernomorsk (Illichevsk).

Then container is being shipped by one of international sea liners to the port of discharge of any world region, where again follows by truck or rail to the consignee's warehouse to be unstuffed.

“Door – to – door” service is offered by “Marine-Trans Ltd” to another direction also.  We provide service for delivery from any world sea port via Odessa or  Chernomorsk (Illichevsk) to any point of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus.

Our company gives our partners an ability to choose the way of transportation by themselves: to load the cargo at their warehouse or to carry it to the port's stuffing area and re-stuff it in container.

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