NOGUERA LOGOSpanish company NOGUERA – ASNALOG – manufacturer of loading-unloading platforms. NOGUERA – ASNALOG has developes and more than 10 years manufacture exclusive, unparalleled loading-unloading platforms, which allow to use internal volume of cargo container to the maximum.

Platform works automatically under the control of operator and allows to move cargoes till 28 tones, providing security and also preservation of cargo and container.

This platform saves your money and time. You can provide loading and unloading of different types of cargo as quickly as possible, at the same time reducing logistics costs.

Using our platforms you will be able to carry any cargo with almost no limits. Our platforms successfully works around the world and are used in a wide range of different industries and enterprises.

Metallurgical enterprises, factories specializing in the manufacture of pipes, gypsum, chipboard, tile manufacturers, port terminals and warehouses, stevedore companies and many others have already become our customers.

Do you want to see the demonstration vide, where platforms already save money of manufacturers, carriers and consumers?






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